Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gold Jewelry

I used to buy a lot of jewelry, but most of it was pretty cheap. as a result , i only own about 2 or 3 pieces now. the ones worth keeping.

if i could, i would buy these two gorgeous ones by Erica Weiner

unfortunately, i am not as rich as i would like. So hopefully one of you readers will enjoy.


isnt it such a wonderful feeling to receive something in the mail that isnt a bill or impersonal ads?

these past two weeks i have found myself back to browsing etsy as I used to and purchased quite a few things (compared to how minimal my spending has been since back to school)

Today i received the first purchase from that spending spree. it is a print by a Tuscon, AZ tattoo artist a friend refered me to.

her name is Allyson bennett. you can find more prints and even little journals by her at her etsy shop.

I always like to look at the recently listed items , its a good way to stuble upon a store you wouldnt have thought to look for.
that happened 2 nights ago. this lady draws interesting stuff on old book pages. i was very excited and ordered three prints. today however i found another shop doing just the same with almost the same exact images but bigger. this second one has been selling on etsy for longuer. i almost feel like she got her idea stolen.. although she might not be the first to do it.
i bought these following prints at Dreamery Studio

But now i really want this one from Black Baroque
(its my birthday reallyyy soon. just saying haha)

have fun shopping.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Salon Gourmand.

I am colaborating on a new blog!!!

i know i know. i dont take care of this one any more.
BUT my mom just gave me this tiny laptop i can carry everywhere so i think i will take to sitting in cafe's and posting stuff between school and work when my schedule gets crazy again.

salon gourmand is basically a bunch of girls that love to eat delicious foods and drink tasty wine. oh and have a fun time.
there will be restaurant reviews, recipes and ideas of a fun night out.

i hope you like it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

birthday dress

I'm turning 25 in a month and i wanted a ridiculous birthday girl dress

so i went into betsey johnson today. didnt find anything and the sales lady had to be on drugs.

i looked on ebay.

and this is it.
auction won within half an hour.

laugh all you want, its my damn quarter of a century birthday. i'm allowed to look 5.