Sunday, March 28, 2010

hectic living.

life is kind of nuts these days, i go to school full time, work over 20h and have been dealing with family/friend illnesses and helping my mom out with stuff. i should really be packing for my move in 2 weeks but i am dogsitting at my moms and taking care of business.
i am back on my bike wich is really fun.

anyways, through all that ive made 2 giant messenger bags. i didnt get any pictures of the first one. but my friend teddy was nice enough to send me some of his. he was able to fit his pitbull in it. yes its that big.

havent decided yet if this is a real project or just something i do when people ask. im still not fully satisfied with the end resulst but never have time to work it.

also i think i would be a much better blogger if i had a computer.. haha
so just to give people stuff to look at:

most of you know about my dear friend meaghan's etsy shop

two of my other friends have started one as well :

and another friend has started selling hand made wood fenders. i will be getting one for my new bike that i will be getting shortly:

so yeah, because i have been too busy/lazy to do much myself i figured id talk about what my friends are up to.

i am moving to a new home very soon and i am very excited to be living with my boyfriend and another couple that are amazing, so many home projects. i will document.

till next time, please be patient with me. i will make this more interesting soon enough.