Sunday, January 10, 2010

such a bad blogger.

i am a terrible blogger. i think it mostly stems from me feeling weird about outfit self shots and things of the like and my lack of time spent on the internet.

sorry guys.

im hoping i could find a partner for blogging, this way i wouldnt feel so guilty/overwhelmed.

oh well

i bet no one even cares haha


allison said...

i care!!! and i care about your grandpa too. i'm sorry isa. i hope everthing works out.

J.H.G.E. said...

You still post more regularly than most of the people I know with blogs...everyone else neglects them entirely. I post lots, follow my blog!

Ps. I hope your grandpa gets better soon. xoxo.

V said...

i felt that way too. that's why i took all those outfit shots down. i got bored of my vintage blog really fast.

what is going on with your grandpa? i hope he is ok :/

see you in may pretty lady.