Monday, November 15, 2010

Thom Browne spring/summer 2011

Im in a very useless class this morning so i am catching up on blogs.

this perticularly caught my eye on the Jak & Jil blog.

it is a sneak peak for the womens line for spring/ summer. the outfit on the right blew my mind.

from experience i can say that sewing with plaid and checkers is very time consuming and requires patience and perfection. but the results are wonderful as shown here!

id like to see more of these pieces in detail.

like the grey outfit on the left of this picture!

there are a few more in the post. i will search the internet to find out more later though!

hope everyone is good. school is awesome and i am done in 5 weeks! and then i start my internship mentioned in the previous post!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


hey friends and readers. im still alive, i promise.

I am currently looking for my internship. i already asked my first choice ( Anastasia lomonova) if she needed someone and has agreed to meet me although she knows nothing about me yet haha i am semi hoping she used the internet and found me out and thinks she might want to work with me. (wishful thinking obviously haha)

here is a small article about her.

and here is her website. i love her stuff.

im hopefully meeting her next week and will somehow charm her and prove my skills.
oh god i hope so . im so nervous. she's like a year older than me only. makes it even harder i think!!!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Gold Jewelry

I used to buy a lot of jewelry, but most of it was pretty cheap. as a result , i only own about 2 or 3 pieces now. the ones worth keeping.

if i could, i would buy these two gorgeous ones by Erica Weiner

unfortunately, i am not as rich as i would like. So hopefully one of you readers will enjoy.


isnt it such a wonderful feeling to receive something in the mail that isnt a bill or impersonal ads?

these past two weeks i have found myself back to browsing etsy as I used to and purchased quite a few things (compared to how minimal my spending has been since back to school)

Today i received the first purchase from that spending spree. it is a print by a Tuscon, AZ tattoo artist a friend refered me to.

her name is Allyson bennett. you can find more prints and even little journals by her at her etsy shop.

I always like to look at the recently listed items , its a good way to stuble upon a store you wouldnt have thought to look for.
that happened 2 nights ago. this lady draws interesting stuff on old book pages. i was very excited and ordered three prints. today however i found another shop doing just the same with almost the same exact images but bigger. this second one has been selling on etsy for longuer. i almost feel like she got her idea stolen.. although she might not be the first to do it.
i bought these following prints at Dreamery Studio

But now i really want this one from Black Baroque
(its my birthday reallyyy soon. just saying haha)

have fun shopping.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Salon Gourmand.

I am colaborating on a new blog!!!

i know i know. i dont take care of this one any more.
BUT my mom just gave me this tiny laptop i can carry everywhere so i think i will take to sitting in cafe's and posting stuff between school and work when my schedule gets crazy again.

salon gourmand is basically a bunch of girls that love to eat delicious foods and drink tasty wine. oh and have a fun time.
there will be restaurant reviews, recipes and ideas of a fun night out.

i hope you like it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

birthday dress

I'm turning 25 in a month and i wanted a ridiculous birthday girl dress

so i went into betsey johnson today. didnt find anything and the sales lady had to be on drugs.

i looked on ebay.

and this is it.
auction won within half an hour.

laugh all you want, its my damn quarter of a century birthday. i'm allowed to look 5.

Monday, April 5, 2010

last week i tried writting an "imaginary etsy shopping post" inspired by meaghans but i was just all over the place and it seemed to make no sense. today i was looking at shoes first and remembered i have this amazing white and pink stripe fabric i really want to make shorts out of.
i started looking on etsy and so far every pattern i love and want is for size 7 GIRLS. which is about half of what i need in vintage pattern sizing. so sad.

here are a few i am debating buying just to have them and potentiallly replicating in my size somehow.

found here

found here

found here

found here
and on a last note, i love the 90's florals these days but i have to say i am glad they have not fully come back to what they were...

and just in case.. this one can be found here

Sunday, March 28, 2010

hectic living.

life is kind of nuts these days, i go to school full time, work over 20h and have been dealing with family/friend illnesses and helping my mom out with stuff. i should really be packing for my move in 2 weeks but i am dogsitting at my moms and taking care of business.
i am back on my bike wich is really fun.

anyways, through all that ive made 2 giant messenger bags. i didnt get any pictures of the first one. but my friend teddy was nice enough to send me some of his. he was able to fit his pitbull in it. yes its that big.

havent decided yet if this is a real project or just something i do when people ask. im still not fully satisfied with the end resulst but never have time to work it.

also i think i would be a much better blogger if i had a computer.. haha
so just to give people stuff to look at:

most of you know about my dear friend meaghan's etsy shop

two of my other friends have started one as well :

and another friend has started selling hand made wood fenders. i will be getting one for my new bike that i will be getting shortly:

so yeah, because i have been too busy/lazy to do much myself i figured id talk about what my friends are up to.

i am moving to a new home very soon and i am very excited to be living with my boyfriend and another couple that are amazing, so many home projects. i will document.

till next time, please be patient with me. i will make this more interesting soon enough.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

i do.

my school may be offering some specialized courses after our graduations that will just be like certificates. one includes bridal. i have to say i was the only one in my class that got excited and for some reason everytime i tell someone i want to take this i get weird looks.

let me explain.

not only are wedding dresses extremely tedious and delicate and require tons of care and details which means i would be perfecting a special skill that could be good in any kind of clothing or costumes.

but mostly because if i went into bridal it would be to make stuff with this feel to it.

by sarahseven

by Elizabeth Dye

you know, stuff i would want haha. and also some very 50's inspired.

so yeah. i am excited and finally fully investing myself in this life project of you know, school and creativity.

i am lucky for the support i have around me.

and if any of you ladies get married, i expect to be asked to help! (in like 2 yrs though, which is fine cause i dont see any of my friends doing that anytime soon)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

such a bad blogger.

i am a terrible blogger. i think it mostly stems from me feeling weird about outfit self shots and things of the like and my lack of time spent on the internet.

sorry guys.

im hoping i could find a partner for blogging, this way i wouldnt feel so guilty/overwhelmed.

oh well

i bet no one even cares haha