Monday, October 26, 2009


my lack of computer has really put a dent on my blog posts and tumblr and even twitter. i pretty much only check gmail and fb from my phone.

i am in school and loving it. learning to make clothes. today we got to pick our manequins and set up the "bolducs" i dont know the term in english but its all those lines that show where to measure. i was lucky and got one that is almost my body measurments which means the things we make might fit me! how exciting.

i love life. everything is great. the only thing lacking is more time with friends but i usually get to see a few of them often enough. and now sergio and i have some game nights with other couples which is great. also i expect to see more of meaghan with our boys leaving us on tour together for a bit.

i am also hoping to get a new computer soon.

so many projects in the works. including making messenger bags with the boyfriend. the three size prototypes have been made and now its just a matter of some small details and we should be good to go, so much fun.

so yeah that was my quick update. in this case no news really is good news.
my mom is on her way back from the airport. she was shooting in paris and i cant wait to see the goodies she brought back.

ps. i dont think ive ever been this happy in life for no specific reason.
life is just good and im loving it.