Monday, July 27, 2009

weekend photo recap

sergio trying to crack my fingers ( his favorite game)

hiding my cleavage from the camera because sergio kept trying to sneak pictures ( thats my mom leaning on me)

sergio, my mom and i. we cleanup alright.
just before doing something unpleasant to ruin the picture.

us trying to take a serious picture but we kept bursting out laughing,

that was my uncles wedding. this past weekend.

on friday i went to thepark with victoria and we drank somewine and chatted. for some reason took no pics of this.

then went to an afterparty/show. some girls that work with laura took funny pics of us.
i look so retarded. i was mostly confused as to why i was asked to be in the pic. good times.
which you can tell by that first pic..
and now we pose... hahah

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V said...

good times haha