Tuesday, May 26, 2009


when i first decided to paint my room this was the inspiration i used:

and this was the result:

the next room i get i think i want these colors, at least the wall colors.:

photo by elle moss.

also if i live alone someday or with a significant other that lets me chose some colors for the rest of the apartment. i love these kitchen colors.

i never thought id like green like that anywhere , maybe a more apple green but i just like it with the white haha

also this one is dreamy but would def work better in a big kitchen like in the picture, i think.


Victoria said...

i am getting my pink room!
i am going to have dark brown furniture with white blanket/pillows/sheets/curtains.. my room is going to be a cake! haha yesss

isa said...

YAY. yummy. your room will make you crave sweets constantly or keep you away from them since it will be sweet enough haha.

i'd love to see pictures when its done lady!