Friday, May 22, 2009

real life.

ok so sorry if this is boring i just want to yell it to the world because i am so happy.

fully registered for my classes in sept. just got my answer from the government and they are giving me 7000$ and lending me 2400$ which comes out to 740$ a month that i am in school and considering most of it is a bursary i am the happiest girl ever. this makes a huge difference on the stress i will be feeling while in school full time. i still have to work and stuff but now i know rent and bills are paid. i just have to work enough to feed myself and have some fun when i can. and afford supplies. its a great relief after being out of school for seven years and on my own for about 6, to actually be able to do this. i am so unbelievably excited.

anyways life is amazing

thats all.

and just so this isnt completely unapealing to everyone.

gorgeous picture by richard avedon


kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

congratulations lady!what u gonna do? x

isa said...

oh i am taking a clothes making course.

Victoria said...

please message me how you pulled this off, i have NO idea how i am paying for school ;(

Lolla said...

wow, that's really fabulous! congrats! :)

isa said...

thank you thank you!

Lolla: i am flattered that you read this. i adore your blog!