Thursday, May 28, 2009

pretty and practical?

i have started biking everywhere. which means about 40 minutes in the morning and 45 at night from my house to work and back. or about half an hour going or coming from my bfs place and work and its a good 40 between our two places which i did on monday after having already biked home. i am going to lose the realistic 10 pounds i want to shed, and maybe with miracle help 15. (but probably not) anyways not the point of this post.

the problem with this is no matter what i do to my hair it just looks disheveled when i get anywhere. it knots crazy easy and gets in the way so i tie it up in messy buns a lot but that gets old.

i will never get to sport this
found on the sartorialist a while back.

luckily if tied up loosely enough on my ride i could easily do this messy look once taking it down.

it would never look that good because daisy lowe is about ten thousand times more gorgeous than me but it will definitly be my summer hair. no straightner.
i am getting my natural hair color back on saturday. looking forward to it. i am a much better brunette then red head. tho i am jealous of those who can pull it off. i am kind of glad those moniker pictures were taken at its reddest that way i have photographic evidence of it haha.

also i cant wait for the weather to get better so i can bike around in this pretty dress i bought last fall and have never worn.

anyways. this weather and biking has gotten me thinking about getting creative with outfits. i wish i wasnt so lazy about documenting them, then again its not that interesting to anyone i dont think.

pie and movies with some ladies tonight. will be fun.


Victoria said...

no no document them! outfit posts are my favorite (i am shallow ahaha).

srsly though do it.

when i get back we'll do some serious vintage shopping/play dress up and i can take your photo!

xo v

kerri nĂ­ dochartaigh said...

i am cycling too . . . sooo bad for a fringe! x

Stefanie said...

it takes you 30 minutes to go from sergio's to your work?!? I need to show you a short cut lady!! haha