Thursday, May 14, 2009


i made a chain and feather headband last weekend. i need to take a picture with my real camera.
i love it. last night i made a few more. maybe the etsy store will happen. i made a few necklaces too. i love being inspired. dinner with sarah tonight. maybe pictures will be taken then.

do you ever leave your house and instantly hate what you are wearing? yeah thats me today. luckily i had my h&m wedges at work that i put on that are helping a little. if the weather gets nice maye ill take pics at lunch outside. i made the best salad for my lunch. i will have to photodocument.


essa said...
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essa said...

I really really like the feather hair thing. so pretty! I wish my hair was long like yours so I could wear one as well. maybe in a couple months!