Friday, May 8, 2009

picturesss, or lack of. (most of the time)

I wish i had a photographer to follow me around or a mac with a good webcam.

i am just always too busy/lazy to set the camera up for outfit shots and i kind of forget i have it when i am out doing things. im going to try and use it more because i should and it would make this blog more interesting for sure.

anyways here is a pic that i found on my phone taken at stefs. it is way too bright i gues i was sitting facing the window?

yeah i dunno.

oh and here is a picture of my boyfriend that i didnt take and was taken before we were dating but he is such a babe so i thought i would share. walking up to him every morning is pretty great.

also here are pics from stefs house a few different weekends a bit ago i think that i havent posted anywhere i dont think.

and two random ones from hanging at the moniker studio


Stefanie said...

wow i have googly eyes. how come no one told me :(

Meaghan Kelly said...

stef, you're a basket case, your eyes are far from googly, and if they are googly its probably because you're next to me and are consumed with googly, wiggly love.

Victoria said...

i see stock mommy :)