Tuesday, May 12, 2009

if there is a god.

i will find a way to make these mine. why is the shipping 69$ on the only site i found that hadnt sold out of these.

if you love me you will buy me these hahaha (size 7 k thanks ). i am dying right now. i NEEEEEEEEEED these.


christina d said...

they ARE pretty. i kind of want them too.

isa said...

they have a pretty short heel too whcih would be perfect. i actually want to cry haha

Anonymous said...

so punk!!!

Katie Gale said...

I made a post about the balmain ones in my blog! Too bad I don't have $2,300.
I saw this pair in zara too:

I also think Aldo has a version aswell.
Everyone's all about ripping off balmain!