Thursday, May 7, 2009


everyday i see my visitor count go up and i have to wonder who visits this blog that i dont know about. so if you read this , you should just drop a little hello!


breakfast of champions:

Vector cereal with honey and bananas. ( i took this yesterday but forgot to post it, im about to eat the same while i watch the latest ANTM)

i have decided to really be careful what i eat these days. this long winter and the stress of my last relationship took a toll on my body ( i binge when i am stressed) and most of my summer clothes dont fit the way they did or i'd like them to. i would idealy lose 15 to 20 pounds but i know it wont happen so 10 is my goal.
i was eating bagels with cream cheese every morning at work which is terrible so i asked the office driver to get bananas to spruce up this kind of unapealing cereal.

yesterday i got a wonderfull compliment from a lady i find gorgeous and for some reason it really made me happy.

I started fiddling around with things to make a gorgeous feathered headband but i am missing one thing so i will have to go on a supply run this weekend. cant wait to show the results.

a more photo filled post in a few hours. i promise.


kerri ní dochartaigh said...

hello! your breakfast looks yummy! x

christina d said...

"yesterday i got a wonderfull compliment from a lady i find gorgeous and for some reason it really made me happy."

i feel like this is about my comment on flickr (if it isn't, please ignore the comment below).

i'm very happy you felt good after that comment but i don't know why you shouldn't always feel happy about yourself! isabel, i still remember the days of l'x when all the girls hated you because you were absolutely SO gorgeous (and you still are). do not think anything otherwise. :)

isa said...

kerri: thank you it is! and thanks for reading my blog!

chrissy: yes that was about your comment haha and thank you again for more lovely compliments.

i wish i ran into you more often. (or at all anymore for that matter) you are the sweetest.

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