Friday, May 1, 2009


I ordered some gorgeous supplies on etsy so i can make that head piece and some necklaces.
i can never get to stores during the week because i finish late and hate going to most of them on weekends because they are so busy. so i might just stick to etsy for supplies although i do adore touching things i buy. putting a whole hand in a jar of buttons or feeling all the fabric and ribbons. whatever this will do.

This dress is so lovely. i wish it was cheaper or more appropriate for the wedding this summer.

i like these booties too. the weather is getting too warm tho. i need new summer shoes. some summer oxfords with cut outs would be nice. ebay searching today.

when i was in toronto i bought a small white over the shoulder purse whcih i wear way too much already. i would now like one like this

i really like colored purses. i adore the big slouchy yellow one i bought this winter. but leather shoulder straps in the summer are very annoying.

this weekend i want to buy some chains for my projects. possibly get my sewing machine fixed. anddd most importantly buy a bike.
woo. fuck i hate budgets.


Anonymous said...

true story i almost bought those exact boots in black but I couldn't be bothered to lose the $10 that they would have cost me. fml.

isa said...

whatttttt those are like 95$ online. whann where did you see them for 10$!!