Tuesday, May 5, 2009

all kinds.

i find coffee so comforting, obviously second to being in my boy's arms, i take great pleasure in my morning/afternoon/anytime coffee. especially when i am reading interesting things.

today i was trying to find an image from an ad campain that i thought was either the penelope cruz one for mango or a guess one. i cant find it but it was to show gorgeous short brown hair that i am craving these days. i found some pictures of poppy from Gossip Girl but none of them show how her hair was in the last episode.

it falls a little flat in those two pictures. which is probably what mine would do. i keep wanting to cut it because it is always in the way. but i would probably cry if i did. i am just worried about how annoying it will be in the summer with my bangs and all. i wish i could pull off a semi middle part like penelope cruz does in this ad.

not really middle but not bangs. i havent been able to ever fully grow them out. oh well. the problem is when i see gorgeous hair i think that if i cut it that way i will look as babely as the ladies sporting it in the pictures that inspired it. which obviously never happens since i dont look like them haha. i am also considering going back to my natural dark brown hair. bah who knows.

the whole fuck up with paypal and my bank account means not only do i have those fees but also i dont get those supplies and cant really afford to buy them for at least like 3 weeks which makes me very very sad. bahh. tonight i want to see if i can fiddle around with my sowing machine and fix it. i need new bows.


christina d said...

semi-middle part does nothing on me. i wish it did. i'm kind of in love with it. i always try to grow out my bangs but i feel like i'm not myself without them. is that weird??? i'm sure you can relate, somewhat. bangs make a huge difference in appearance. i find it so hard to get rid of them.

isa said...

oh i know. i find i look weird everytime i start growing them out. i always go back to the straight across ones. i like yours dont get rid of them lol i could never pull them off that long!

ah doomed to bangs forever.. bah theres worse things haha

Victoria said...

ugh, i once came so close to growing out my bangs (they reached my chin). then one day after cutting hair for two guys i was cleaning up the sink and felt a sudden urge to cut them, so i grabbed the scissors. i was so pissed after!

also, as someone who met you back in L'X days and seen pretty much every hair style on you, i think long or mid-length suits you best. obviously though you manage to pull off every length!

i had short bobs for like two years and i am never going back haha.