Friday, May 29, 2009

Thursday, May 28, 2009

pretty and practical?

i have started biking everywhere. which means about 40 minutes in the morning and 45 at night from my house to work and back. or about half an hour going or coming from my bfs place and work and its a good 40 between our two places which i did on monday after having already biked home. i am going to lose the realistic 10 pounds i want to shed, and maybe with miracle help 15. (but probably not) anyways not the point of this post.

the problem with this is no matter what i do to my hair it just looks disheveled when i get anywhere. it knots crazy easy and gets in the way so i tie it up in messy buns a lot but that gets old.

i will never get to sport this
found on the sartorialist a while back.

luckily if tied up loosely enough on my ride i could easily do this messy look once taking it down.

it would never look that good because daisy lowe is about ten thousand times more gorgeous than me but it will definitly be my summer hair. no straightner.
i am getting my natural hair color back on saturday. looking forward to it. i am a much better brunette then red head. tho i am jealous of those who can pull it off. i am kind of glad those moniker pictures were taken at its reddest that way i have photographic evidence of it haha.

also i cant wait for the weather to get better so i can bike around in this pretty dress i bought last fall and have never worn.

anyways. this weather and biking has gotten me thinking about getting creative with outfits. i wish i wasnt so lazy about documenting them, then again its not that interesting to anyone i dont think.

pie and movies with some ladies tonight. will be fun.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

weird creatures.

greater egyptian jerboa

pigmy jerboa

wikipedia article about these creatures

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Just a minute before may is over.

dont remember where i found the photo. sorry

Making... jewlery again, what a pleasure rediscovered.
Watching... friday night lights, the tv series. not missing high school.
Reading... Kavalier & clay that my friend evan lent me. loving it more and more
Listening... to Fever ray thanks to scott. fell in love, listen to it. bat for lashes and young widows.
Wanting.. new clothes and a new job when this contract ends.. very soon
Adoring.. life and the great things in it. the boy (sweetest ever), the friends, biking everywhere and school in september at last.

Comment if you play too.

game found through daydream lily, but originally from August street. (see explanation there if you'd like)

Macushla Burke & Kelly smith

i know this editorial has been making the rounds since last week on many blogs but i wanted to share anyways. i love this series of photos shot by Macushla Burke and illustrated by kelly smith. i have been following this australia (i think haha) based artist through her blog for a while now and i always enjoy mixed medium artwork and well these are just perfect. there are more on her blog.

i want a poster of these on my wall or something. too pretty.


when i first decided to paint my room this was the inspiration i used:

and this was the result:

the next room i get i think i want these colors, at least the wall colors.:

photo by elle moss.

also if i live alone someday or with a significant other that lets me chose some colors for the rest of the apartment. i love these kitchen colors.

i never thought id like green like that anywhere , maybe a more apple green but i just like it with the white haha

also this one is dreamy but would def work better in a big kitchen like in the picture, i think.

Monday, May 25, 2009


tons of biking and laying in the sun eating fruits with the boy. only took these two pics before my camera died. had to miss the big yard sale because i am still uncomfortable and unwanting to be around certain people. wtv. the weekend was still great.

sorry ladies.

ive officially retired my bus pass. biking all day everyday.

bought more supplies to make jewlery/hair accessories. gunna make a bunch tonight.

Friday, May 22, 2009

real life.

ok so sorry if this is boring i just want to yell it to the world because i am so happy.

fully registered for my classes in sept. just got my answer from the government and they are giving me 7000$ and lending me 2400$ which comes out to 740$ a month that i am in school and considering most of it is a bursary i am the happiest girl ever. this makes a huge difference on the stress i will be feeling while in school full time. i still have to work and stuff but now i know rent and bills are paid. i just have to work enough to feed myself and have some fun when i can. and afford supplies. its a great relief after being out of school for seven years and on my own for about 6, to actually be able to do this. i am so unbelievably excited.

anyways life is amazing

thats all.

and just so this isnt completely unapealing to everyone.

gorgeous picture by richard avedon

Thursday, May 21, 2009

who knew

drew barrymore had such amazing, envy causing taste in shoes.

oh gucci shoes, how i love thee.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Sunny Stone and Moniker Designs

Here are a few pictures taken by Don Hutton from that moniker designs shoot i had written about a while ago. these are the ones of Sunny's custom made tee's. i bought the one i'm wearing in the shot of my back. i adoreee it.

these are the only pics i have so far from that shoot because they were tagged on facebook, sorry if you have seen these already. the lovely blond lady is lauren. her and her bf (don the photographer) recently bought a van and drove to the yukon. they have a blog for their adventure, you can check it here.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


i made a chain and feather headband last weekend. i need to take a picture with my real camera.
i love it. last night i made a few more. maybe the etsy store will happen. i made a few necklaces too. i love being inspired. dinner with sarah tonight. maybe pictures will be taken then.

do you ever leave your house and instantly hate what you are wearing? yeah thats me today. luckily i had my h&m wedges at work that i put on that are helping a little. if the weather gets nice maye ill take pics at lunch outside. i made the best salad for my lunch. i will have to photodocument.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


butternut squash soup and bagel, some good reading.

happy for sandal season.


i went to meet up with my cousin and her bf gab after work last night, we hung around outremont a bit and had some ice cream then went to see wolverine. what a dissapointing pre-quel. it was to be expected. but there are some very ridiculous/intense actions scene which were well worth my 5$.

there were some pretty nice shirtless ryan reynolds scenes too, which were enjoyable.
thats the only picture i took last night.

laurence's mago sorbet and gabs hands, texting.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

if there is a god.

i will find a way to make these mine. why is the shipping 69$ on the only site i found that hadnt sold out of these.

if you love me you will buy me these hahaha (size 7 k thanks ). i am dying right now. i NEEEEEEEEEED these.

Monday, May 11, 2009


i think im going to go back to my real hair color.

it looks nicer on me.

(thats my cousin laurence on the left - picture taken in vegas last summer)

the boy came to meet me for a surprise lunch which is always wonderful. i made us some lattes after. he went back to work and i sat in the sun for another half hour. it felt great.


had a good one. tons of family stuff. made an awesome feathered head band. pics tomorrow.
check this video out till i have interesting things to post. vintage justin timberlake singing paula abdul (if you read perez, youve seen it) the sound is super low so turn it up.

Friday, May 8, 2009

have a great weekend

from here

picturesss, or lack of. (most of the time)

I wish i had a photographer to follow me around or a mac with a good webcam.

i am just always too busy/lazy to set the camera up for outfit shots and i kind of forget i have it when i am out doing things. im going to try and use it more because i should and it would make this blog more interesting for sure.

anyways here is a pic that i found on my phone taken at stefs. it is way too bright i gues i was sitting facing the window?

yeah i dunno.

oh and here is a picture of my boyfriend that i didnt take and was taken before we were dating but he is such a babe so i thought i would share. walking up to him every morning is pretty great.

also here are pics from stefs house a few different weekends a bit ago i think that i havent posted anywhere i dont think.

and two random ones from hanging at the moniker studio

Thursday, May 7, 2009


everyday i see my visitor count go up and i have to wonder who visits this blog that i dont know about. so if you read this , you should just drop a little hello!


breakfast of champions:

Vector cereal with honey and bananas. ( i took this yesterday but forgot to post it, im about to eat the same while i watch the latest ANTM)

i have decided to really be careful what i eat these days. this long winter and the stress of my last relationship took a toll on my body ( i binge when i am stressed) and most of my summer clothes dont fit the way they did or i'd like them to. i would idealy lose 15 to 20 pounds but i know it wont happen so 10 is my goal.
i was eating bagels with cream cheese every morning at work which is terrible so i asked the office driver to get bananas to spruce up this kind of unapealing cereal.

yesterday i got a wonderfull compliment from a lady i find gorgeous and for some reason it really made me happy.

I started fiddling around with things to make a gorgeous feathered headband but i am missing one thing so i will have to go on a supply run this weekend. cant wait to show the results.

a more photo filled post in a few hours. i promise.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

music to dance to - thunderheist

ever since i first heard thunderheist i have been a huge fan. not only are they awesome. the shows are always a great party and graham is super nice. i didnt even know they had a real video. i like it.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

playing favorites

if i were to pick a blog that i truly look forward to looking at everyday it would be Senseless acts of beauty. it never says much about the blogger but she always posts wonderful images that make me smile and gush.

always a treat.

all kinds.

i find coffee so comforting, obviously second to being in my boy's arms, i take great pleasure in my morning/afternoon/anytime coffee. especially when i am reading interesting things.

today i was trying to find an image from an ad campain that i thought was either the penelope cruz one for mango or a guess one. i cant find it but it was to show gorgeous short brown hair that i am craving these days. i found some pictures of poppy from Gossip Girl but none of them show how her hair was in the last episode.

it falls a little flat in those two pictures. which is probably what mine would do. i keep wanting to cut it because it is always in the way. but i would probably cry if i did. i am just worried about how annoying it will be in the summer with my bangs and all. i wish i could pull off a semi middle part like penelope cruz does in this ad.

not really middle but not bangs. i havent been able to ever fully grow them out. oh well. the problem is when i see gorgeous hair i think that if i cut it that way i will look as babely as the ladies sporting it in the pictures that inspired it. which obviously never happens since i dont look like them haha. i am also considering going back to my natural dark brown hair. bah who knows.

the whole fuck up with paypal and my bank account means not only do i have those fees but also i dont get those supplies and cant really afford to buy them for at least like 3 weeks which makes me very very sad. bahh. tonight i want to see if i can fiddle around with my sowing machine and fix it. i need new bows.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Nina Ricci

if money werent an issue. (2,300$ of it)

this nina ricci purse would be mine mine mine!

Image via This is glamorous

(also i'm going to start using labels for the posts so they make more sense.)

happy monday

paypal never usually goes through the day of my purchases, and my bank fees usually go through on the 1st. instead they all went through the same day which cause 85$ in NSF fees. fml.

Friday, May 1, 2009


I ordered some gorgeous supplies on etsy so i can make that head piece and some necklaces.
i can never get to stores during the week because i finish late and hate going to most of them on weekends because they are so busy. so i might just stick to etsy for supplies although i do adore touching things i buy. putting a whole hand in a jar of buttons or feeling all the fabric and ribbons. whatever this will do.

This dress is so lovely. i wish it was cheaper or more appropriate for the wedding this summer.

i like these booties too. the weather is getting too warm tho. i need new summer shoes. some summer oxfords with cut outs would be nice. ebay searching today.

when i was in toronto i bought a small white over the shoulder purse whcih i wear way too much already. i would now like one like this

i really like colored purses. i adore the big slouchy yellow one i bought this winter. but leather shoulder straps in the summer are very annoying.

this weekend i want to buy some chains for my projects. possibly get my sewing machine fixed. anddd most importantly buy a bike.
woo. fuck i hate budgets.