Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tattoo talk

most of my tattoos were drawn up the day of and on the spot and usually not inspired by any other specific one (obviously as they are all "tradional" they seem pretty typical)
anyways, a few weeks ago i finally got a tattoo i had been wanting for 3 yrs.
(probably the longuest i wanted one specific thing without doing it)

I went to see my friend Catherine that works at Tattouage Royal on mt royal street and she did a great job. she even proposed an idea for the other thigh which i adore ( i hadnt really thought about if i wanted to balance out on the other leg.) the idea is basically a replica of two sailor jerry flashes.

here is the one i found online:
Obviously i didnt want something quite that american..
here is what we got ( my bum cheek looks funny but i was laying on a table. so whatever)

i love it because when i wear dresses you can just see her legs.

the other leg will probably be a more "exotic" pinup with long black hair standing in front of a peacock.

but even as much as i adore this one. the ones catherine did on my feet in 2006 will always be my favorite i think with a close tie to the carousel horse on my ribs.

blah blah thats all for now. my beb is bbq'ing me dinner tonight. im glad the rain stopped.

there are so many things i want for this spring season and cannot afford. fml.

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Victoria said...

oh man i love it, and the first one is so freedomed out! amazing.