Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jaan-Eric Fisher - "Young Americans"

some how this has turned into a fashion photography picture posting blog. oh well.

today the weather is gorgeous and i got to have a nice lunch in the parc with good company.
the mentioned company decided to unlace my shoe and relace it with millions of nots in a very odd way and now it looks stupid but i cant untie them! but i will say this again. those h&m wedges are my favorite purchase of 2009. that and the cute bow ring i wear everyday.
i am probably going thrifting with laurence so that we can have some DIY projects. i will see how that turns out.

tonight i am being totally lame and going to my moms set so that laurence and i can meet mischa barton because we loved the oc. haha this should be funny.

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