Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Built by wendy and stuff

i barely slept last night because of insane coughing fits. i feel bad because i didnt end up sleeping alone and kept the boyfriend awake all night and possibly his roomate in the room next to us. oups. sry.

i have to go do xrays of my chest but i am actually just really scared to have some sort of terrible thing going on. (cancer scares me A LOT) ( i know i know its most likely nothing terrible at all but i get paranoid a lot)


i was looking at pretty dresses because i have to find one for a wedding this summer.
i ventured onto the built by wendy site just for fun. and found many a things i wish i could buy.

here are two dresses...

Window Pretty Dress

Softly ruffled cap sleeves, button front, tie waist. 100% cotton. Fabric is not lined, wear a slip!

Sizes: XS-L
Colors: Red, Navy

$ 282.00

Patio Stripe Pleated Minidress

Boatneck, tie waist, side seam pockets, shaped hem. 100% cotton.

Sizes: XS-L
Colors: Navy/Grey, Black/Brown

$ 198.00

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