Wednesday, April 1, 2009

birth control

i was trying to compare info on the different kinds of birth control because of a discussion i had with someone and found a really funny "fact"

"Taking the Pill has no effect on your virginity. If you take the Pill but do not have sex you are still a virgin. The Pill does not cause a change in body odor, it does not send out pheromones or hormonal cues to boys that you are ready to have sex or want to have sex. Taking the Pill will not make you more sexually active or cause you to want sex more often. It does not make you promiscuous."

from here.

people really wonder about this?

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Meaghan Kelly said...

I think facts like that are intended for younger girls who may not know as much about sex and how things work. I mean, when I was a kid I thought you could get pregnant from making out...
It's actually kind of refreshing to me to know that there are still some kids out there who have a little innocence left.