Wednesday, April 29, 2009

things to make

my summer projects.

this skirt :

this feathered headband:

and add a million studs to a million things i own. so good.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tattoo talk

most of my tattoos were drawn up the day of and on the spot and usually not inspired by any other specific one (obviously as they are all "tradional" they seem pretty typical)
anyways, a few weeks ago i finally got a tattoo i had been wanting for 3 yrs.
(probably the longuest i wanted one specific thing without doing it)

I went to see my friend Catherine that works at Tattouage Royal on mt royal street and she did a great job. she even proposed an idea for the other thigh which i adore ( i hadnt really thought about if i wanted to balance out on the other leg.) the idea is basically a replica of two sailor jerry flashes.

here is the one i found online:
Obviously i didnt want something quite that american..
here is what we got ( my bum cheek looks funny but i was laying on a table. so whatever)

i love it because when i wear dresses you can just see her legs.

the other leg will probably be a more "exotic" pinup with long black hair standing in front of a peacock.

but even as much as i adore this one. the ones catherine did on my feet in 2006 will always be my favorite i think with a close tie to the carousel horse on my ribs.

blah blah thats all for now. my beb is bbq'ing me dinner tonight. im glad the rain stopped.

there are so many things i want for this spring season and cannot afford. fml.


by Nicolas Routzen

this picture evokes a really nice feeling for me.
half dressed or undressed, taking in the sun.

summer is coming and its gunna be a good one.

i love my life.
my friends are awesome, my boyfriend is truly amazing,
and everything else will just fall into place as usual.

Monday, April 27, 2009

oh great.

my lower back and hip are back to their worst pain level.
and now every time i cough i double in pain because it resonates in those two places. yay.

this monday sucks and i am uninspired. but have bat for lashes on repeat. good stuff.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

hair accesoriessss

Just got a treat in the mail. a beautiful blue and brown feathered headband.

one of davis's friends in vegas makes these so i decided to buy from her instead of a stranger.

this is her and her friends etsy store.

i am too lazy to untie my hair as i am sure it would look better but anywaysss. the blue is nice with my new hair color. sorry for bad pics. worst webcam ever made.

laurence is finally home and her and i have a million projects to make. which we should be starting friday. more on that soon!

i have been watching boy meets world these past few days, i never realized how sexual the parents are in this show. kind of awkward..

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


i found this, could be cool.

Monster children is asking for photo entries

"Call for Entries / We're looking for anyone to be apart of our Photo Issue. We want you to take a photo at exactly 3pm this coming Saturday the 25th April. It can be of anything, anywhere around the world. Wherever you are at that time. Then email the photo (as a jpeg, under 4mb) to here with the following info: Name, Location, 50 words or less explaining the photo and your own website. *Not every image is guaranteed to be published.

bathing suits

a year or two ago i had seen a spread in either bazaar or vogue with a a gorgeous girl wearing a red bathing suit like this one.

i have wanted one ever since.

why must you cost 350$

by Norma Kamali via This is glamorous

Built by wendy and stuff

i barely slept last night because of insane coughing fits. i feel bad because i didnt end up sleeping alone and kept the boyfriend awake all night and possibly his roomate in the room next to us. oups. sry.

i have to go do xrays of my chest but i am actually just really scared to have some sort of terrible thing going on. (cancer scares me A LOT) ( i know i know its most likely nothing terrible at all but i get paranoid a lot)


i was looking at pretty dresses because i have to find one for a wedding this summer.
i ventured onto the built by wendy site just for fun. and found many a things i wish i could buy.

here are two dresses...

Window Pretty Dress

Softly ruffled cap sleeves, button front, tie waist. 100% cotton. Fabric is not lined, wear a slip!

Sizes: XS-L
Colors: Red, Navy

$ 282.00

Patio Stripe Pleated Minidress

Boatneck, tie waist, side seam pockets, shaped hem. 100% cotton.

Sizes: XS-L
Colors: Navy/Grey, Black/Brown

$ 198.00

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


i have to sleep alone for the first time in 3 weeks.


i wish my sewing machine wasnt broken. im feeling productive.

Monday, April 20, 2009


sergios birthday weekend was super fun.
amazing show and partying on friday
moniker vernissage saturday.
tending bar and ripping up my hand cause i opened like 100 beer bottles with my hand was less fun but good night over all.
sunday was nicee too. sitting in the sun and home cooked meals at his parents.

life is really good these days.
no complaints what so ever.

(aside from the cough that has been annoying me for over a month and a half now)

when i get the pictures from the moniker shoot i will post them here.

hope you all had a good weekend. this post is boring SORRY.


Friday, April 17, 2009

its friday!

and its my man's birthday!

going to a show tonight and tomorrow we will party it up with moniker (see flyer in previous post)

this brithday weekend should be fun.

there will be extra large prints of some of the pictures from the moniker shoot displayed at the show. it will be odd to see giant pictures of me. they are pretty rad tho so its cool haha.

i want this cheap monday tee

has anyone seen it anywhere in mtl so i can avoid shipping costs?

i just added a bunch of blogs to my blog roll and finished season 1 of True Blood.
give me new shows to watch please.

true blood makes me want to drink moonshine by the bayou.
Louisiana accents rule.


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

hope everyone had a good long weekend.

I did.

Saturday i wore a dress and no tights for the first time of the year.
I also enjoyed my first frozen yogurt treat from the ice cream shop, outside.

Sunday i had easter lunch at the boy's' family and it was delish.

it was also the photoshoot for Moniker designs' upcoming annual show which turned out to be pretty hilarious and fun. sported some high heels and shorts and awesome t-shirts that will be sold at the show next weekend. Olivia has a shirt in the show. Sunny made amazing shirts and i wish i could buy all of them but i will probably just buy the last one i modeled because it is gorgeous.

yesterday i spent an hour in the park with my dad, his gf, her daughter and the two dogs.
went grocery shopping for awesome foods for the week. and had an easter dinner at my dads gf.

it was a pretty nice weekend.

i just finished season 3 of Skins today and now i dont know what to watch. what i do know is that i want about a 100 tshirts to turn into this dress ( probably would sew the sides more tho.)

oh and i have a million other things i want to make so i really have to fix my sewing machine this weekend!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

hannah murray as cassie

i have started watching skins this week. i am in love with "Cassie"

she is too cute.

its mostly her attitude in the show (even though she plays a trouble anorexic girl she is actually super sweet)

here are some pictures from lula and others found on the internet

sry for lack of posts

this is kind of how i feel this week. i am actually in great moods but somehow exhausted so my brain isnt very inspired. i just want to stay cuddled up in bed all day everyday.

ah life. so many surprises. i want this rain to stop, i was so excited for lunch dates in the park. luckily the shitty weather has not prevented inside lunch dates.

soo just cause i dont really know what else to post today here are some very pretty pictures.

by rony shram

by tim walker

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Jaan-Eric Fisher - "Young Americans"

some how this has turned into a fashion photography picture posting blog. oh well.

today the weather is gorgeous and i got to have a nice lunch in the parc with good company.
the mentioned company decided to unlace my shoe and relace it with millions of nots in a very odd way and now it looks stupid but i cant untie them! but i will say this again. those h&m wedges are my favorite purchase of 2009. that and the cute bow ring i wear everyday.
i am probably going thrifting with laurence so that we can have some DIY projects. i will see how that turns out.

tonight i am being totally lame and going to my moms set so that laurence and i can meet mischa barton because we loved the oc. haha this should be funny.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sandra Suy illustrations


items i have been bookmarking but will not buy, so like, you should buy them.

From Here.

From Here.

From Here.

from .here

from here

birth control

i was trying to compare info on the different kinds of birth control because of a discussion i had with someone and found a really funny "fact"

"Taking the Pill has no effect on your virginity. If you take the Pill but do not have sex you are still a virgin. The Pill does not cause a change in body odor, it does not send out pheromones or hormonal cues to boys that you are ready to have sex or want to have sex. Taking the Pill will not make you more sexually active or cause you to want sex more often. It does not make you promiscuous."

from here.

people really wonder about this?