Monday, March 23, 2009


i am soo exhausted. and still sick but this weekend was really fun so i guess it was over all worth it.

friday was Pals! first show.

obviously it was awesome. how couldnt it be when 4 dudes that rule play pop punk together.

saturday was probably the first day we could just hang out on someones balcony. which we did.

Saturday night was the reach the sky show. toronto friends came up and it was a good time.

my dad got a new dog this weekend . a miniature dashund. i went to the park with him and his gf and each their respective dogs. for some reason i didnt get a pic of my dads new dog. but here is a pic of stella, annies puppy. she runs like a rabbit like jumps instead of running.


Meaghan Kelly said...

flying weiner!

Anonymous said...

I have one also.