Monday, March 30, 2009


i bought some wedges at h&M when i was in toronto a few weekends ago and i am seriously in love. i would wear them everyday if i wasnt afraid of ruining my back ( i am supposed to wear special shoes which i have never done)

anyways one of the bloggers i adore bought the same ones and posted pictures so i am using hers. (alice Point)

i am in love. pat posted a picture of me wearing them but i look really haggard. but you can see how cute they are.

laurence and i have some pretty sweet fashion DIY projects in the works. I will photo document once we get on that. probably this weekend. hopefully. when she is less swamped with school.

i am trying sooo hard to save up some money so DIY is a good idea.

Its monday and i am in a great mood.

saturday was amazing. we all sat in stefs backyard and had some beers. Spring is definitly prettyyy much here.

i think once the weather is nice and i can take the pics outside i will try and document outfits. maybe. haha

here is a sweet pic of Deb and i that Pat took from when they came down for the reach the sky show. what a night. that girl rules. i am aparantly giving bedroom eyes or so pat says, even though he has never seen my bedroom eyes haha

she is slowly teaching me cute words in portuguese. she is a brazilian babe. and she rules.


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