Tuesday, March 10, 2009


after a weekend in toronto with photography enthusiasts i got to thinking about my own camera situation. mines broke. the last few i have bought were pretty low quality and didnt do what i wanted them to. also i browsed like 20 photography sites yesterday that made me want to play around with a manual one.

sooo i ebay'd some stuff. was gunna get the canon poweshot G10 which looks awesome. but decided to go for the older version which is the G7 for half the price. i think it will be fine for what i want and need. i am excited to get it. THANK YOU TAX RETURNSSS

yesterday, stef quit her job so meaghan threw her a surprise party. it was sweet.

my friends are great.

here is a review of the camera i am getting.

fun times.

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Stefanie said...

thanks for coming little muffin i love you