Tuesday, March 17, 2009

let me draw you maps through the gates of Hell


Some of you that have known me a while know how much i love this artist.

the first album (2005) You and yer good ideas was the perfect intro to his stuff, especially the songs ocean walk and gaston ave (some of you may remember those as my myspace songs for like ever back in 2005-2006)

after that came The Mighty Ocean and Nine dark theaters(2006)

The whole album is awesome. the art work as well. there are "polaroids" for everysong with a picture and at the back the lyrics written with a typewritter. i remmeber laying in bed when i first bought it listening to it from beginiing to end with my thoughts going all over the places. it was amazing. meet me here later is actually a song from that album and has somehow become what i use on the internet for most profiles and stuff including this blog and my aim screenname.

i used to want to use lines from songs from that album but genereally it was a whole song that gave you a feeling and it was always hard to pick oneliners.

he just recently put out pommegranate. also amazing. a little different but there are three songs right now that i cant stop listening too. the wondersmith and his sons, Two years before the mast (he has a lady counterpart signing with him on this) and secrets of the undersea bell ( the title of this post is from that song.)

the lines from these songs have been somewhat haunting and inspiring.

i love when you listen to songs while doing other stuff and suddenly one line just sticks out and you cant get it out of your head.

from the wondersmith and his son my favorite line is : Let's leave this life tonight, and race the sunrise down the highway.

and from secrets of the undersea bell its: Let me teach you songs that will fair you well, let me draw you maps through the gates of Hell.

they make me wish i had some sort of artistic talent to be inspired for. oh well.

not that many people love him the way i do but i guess i have odd music tastes.

give him a listen on myspace.. or youtube has some funny videos of his freestyles.

i want to party with him.

over the years we have talked via the internet mostly about book reccomendations and i have yet to be dissapointed. he has listed books that have inspired his writting for the albums and i recognized it when i listen or read whichever came first.

i will post something with more visual stimulants next time. i know everyone hates txt only posts.


Ac Means said...

who is the artist in which you love so dearly?

isa said...

astronautalis. click on the links in the post :)