Monday, March 16, 2009


by missmouse
(she made the antler necklace i wear a lot)
and if you bought it for me i would love you forever.

i guess this is an odd post. but i am having a discussion about them with meaghan and i guess it made me want to discuss them here. most people in canada at least dont approve of guns. i guess i have a hypocritical view on the subject because i love shooting them but i dont want them around too much. i dont like the "right" to a concealed weapon at all.

i have shot riffles, shotguns, handguns, Ak's and AR's. (the last two are scary as shit to shoot with) thanks to my rednecka american friends and have had tons of fun.

i have not held a real gun in over two years now and i think i would probably be freaked out at this point.

last time i was in vermont, i went to the bagel shop for breakfast and was really freaked out when i realized people around me had handguns tucked in the backs of their pants.
i think thats when i realised how uneasy that reality made me.
i have not shot one since that weekend.

i am glad canada seems to have better laws about this. or at least canadians seems to have less interest on carrying them around.

guns are scary, maybe thats why i had fun shooting them? if that makes sense.

anyways, more interesting post later. oh and i added my etsy favorites in the side bar there.

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