Monday, March 30, 2009

Introducing : till summer.

i dont have a mac so the webcam is TOTAL shit. but inspired by misbehaves 100 days of outfits posts i decided i will do days til summer via webcam. today is rainy so i am wearing a flannel shirt my cousin gave me and black jeans. 3 people at worked asked me if i was going hunting later. i said yes. ( i hate people) i also obviously paired it with one of my favorite necklaces.

Made by MissMouse.

we'll see if i keep this up haha.

Kenneth Capello

wow wow. her and the photos and her outfits. i wish i could be blond.


i bought some wedges at h&M when i was in toronto a few weekends ago and i am seriously in love. i would wear them everyday if i wasnt afraid of ruining my back ( i am supposed to wear special shoes which i have never done)

anyways one of the bloggers i adore bought the same ones and posted pictures so i am using hers. (alice Point)

i am in love. pat posted a picture of me wearing them but i look really haggard. but you can see how cute they are.

laurence and i have some pretty sweet fashion DIY projects in the works. I will photo document once we get on that. probably this weekend. hopefully. when she is less swamped with school.

i am trying sooo hard to save up some money so DIY is a good idea.

Its monday and i am in a great mood.

saturday was amazing. we all sat in stefs backyard and had some beers. Spring is definitly prettyyy much here.

i think once the weather is nice and i can take the pics outside i will try and document outfits. maybe. haha

here is a sweet pic of Deb and i that Pat took from when they came down for the reach the sky show. what a night. that girl rules. i am aparantly giving bedroom eyes or so pat says, even though he has never seen my bedroom eyes haha

she is slowly teaching me cute words in portuguese. she is a brazilian babe. and she rules.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Friday, March 27, 2009

hands and feet - Gab R.

My friend gab drew this. i am assuming he used people he knows' tattoos since the feet ones are mine.

i really like this.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

fortune cookie via igoogle

fortune cookie fail.

Cat Power

I am listening to cat power at work right now and no one is really around today so its very quiet at work. listening to her music tends to send me in the oddest train of thoughts. sometimes make me sad. others nostalgic. some days inspiring. but there is always something. she has such a gorgeous voice.

right now its making me want to run barefoot in the sand at the beach at sunset. sit with friends around a fire and have some laughs. its making me want to fall asleep in someones arms right when dawn is breaking. its making me want to have a water fight out in the sun. bike on an empty road and have a picnic.

its making me want summer. and good people. laughs and quiet times.

via weheartit

via this weheartit

via this weheartit


I forgot to post yesterday for some reason. actually i know why but anyways.

Through the Decor8 blog i found this photo

it seems to be Emma Cassi's workshop. she makes very delightful jewelry but i just mostly like the feel of that wall. its just the right kind of messy for my taste. i might have to change up my jewelry hanging system into something like this. i love it.

does anyone know how to schedule posts. like how i can prepare one and it automatically posts it later? i feel like you used to be able to do that. this way i could just stock up posts when i am inspired and not skip days on here.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

random thought

i want these flats from marais USA

also, did you know they make mini versions of those laura secord easter egg things? i got one. life rules.

Alvaro Puentes

i like.

Monday, March 23, 2009


i am soo exhausted. and still sick but this weekend was really fun so i guess it was over all worth it.

friday was Pals! first show.

obviously it was awesome. how couldnt it be when 4 dudes that rule play pop punk together.

saturday was probably the first day we could just hang out on someones balcony. which we did.

Saturday night was the reach the sky show. toronto friends came up and it was a good time.

my dad got a new dog this weekend . a miniature dashund. i went to the park with him and his gf and each their respective dogs. for some reason i didnt get a pic of my dads new dog. but here is a pic of stella, annies puppy. she runs like a rabbit like jumps instead of running.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Went out for a friends bday last night.

totally singing along to the spice girls.

this is my: what am i doing here face.

( aside from the old bums, i think was actually the oldest person at the bar.)

here are my friends singing some sweet karaoke.

Lina Scheynius

all found through her flickr.

i had saved a picture of hers a little bit ago not knowing who she was. ended up on her flickr from some other picture. i like finding out the names of people when i like their stuff.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


i got two different packages in the mail todayyy

my Street Fighter II for snes.

And my Hidden Eloise treats:

some extra goodies she threw in. and as always she wrote a note ( she is amazing.)

(please excuse my gross stubby bitten badly nail polished nails haha)

these are the two prints i bought.

today is good.

newly addicted to Big Love thanks to scott. wooo

nice photos

Found Via this blog

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

my spring/summer must have list begins.

1: isabel marant inspired studded/chained boots;

home made versions:

Via Fashion Toast;

Via Bohemian musings

2: A cropped jean jacket ( too lazy to find pictures)

3: A sweet feathered neckpiece.

Via iheartnorwegianwood on etsy

im off to aux vivres with jeff for a delish meal and to play around with the new camera.

have a good evening friendssss

picture of the day

by Ben Rayner in an issue of Wonderland

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Olivia was featured on Design for mankind today. yay

also proud of a new "friend"

Gordon Ball was also featured today.


let me draw you maps through the gates of Hell


Some of you that have known me a while know how much i love this artist.

the first album (2005) You and yer good ideas was the perfect intro to his stuff, especially the songs ocean walk and gaston ave (some of you may remember those as my myspace songs for like ever back in 2005-2006)

after that came The Mighty Ocean and Nine dark theaters(2006)

The whole album is awesome. the art work as well. there are "polaroids" for everysong with a picture and at the back the lyrics written with a typewritter. i remmeber laying in bed when i first bought it listening to it from beginiing to end with my thoughts going all over the places. it was amazing. meet me here later is actually a song from that album and has somehow become what i use on the internet for most profiles and stuff including this blog and my aim screenname.

i used to want to use lines from songs from that album but genereally it was a whole song that gave you a feeling and it was always hard to pick oneliners.

he just recently put out pommegranate. also amazing. a little different but there are three songs right now that i cant stop listening too. the wondersmith and his sons, Two years before the mast (he has a lady counterpart signing with him on this) and secrets of the undersea bell ( the title of this post is from that song.)

the lines from these songs have been somewhat haunting and inspiring.

i love when you listen to songs while doing other stuff and suddenly one line just sticks out and you cant get it out of your head.

from the wondersmith and his son my favorite line is : Let's leave this life tonight, and race the sunrise down the highway.

and from secrets of the undersea bell its: Let me teach you songs that will fair you well, let me draw you maps through the gates of Hell.

they make me wish i had some sort of artistic talent to be inspired for. oh well.

not that many people love him the way i do but i guess i have odd music tastes.

give him a listen on myspace.. or youtube has some funny videos of his freestyles.

i want to party with him.

over the years we have talked via the internet mostly about book reccomendations and i have yet to be dissapointed. he has listed books that have inspired his writting for the albums and i recognized it when i listen or read whichever came first.

i will post something with more visual stimulants next time. i know everyone hates txt only posts.


i am uninspired right now but here are pictures from the weekend in toronto taken by others.

( i realise this picture is totally awkward as it appears to be just a close up of my chest. i assure you, "Daniel" and "Spoiler" are whats important.)

the infamous stick and poke tattoos - pic by Scott.

scott taking the pic - pic by Pat

and a portrait by pat for his yashica portrait series.

yep today i have nothing to say so i stole from my friends blogs. i will come up with something else within an hour or two im sure. i just had my first coffee. my brain should be waking up.

Monday, March 16, 2009


by missmouse
(she made the antler necklace i wear a lot)
and if you bought it for me i would love you forever.

i guess this is an odd post. but i am having a discussion about them with meaghan and i guess it made me want to discuss them here. most people in canada at least dont approve of guns. i guess i have a hypocritical view on the subject because i love shooting them but i dont want them around too much. i dont like the "right" to a concealed weapon at all.

i have shot riffles, shotguns, handguns, Ak's and AR's. (the last two are scary as shit to shoot with) thanks to my rednecka american friends and have had tons of fun.

i have not held a real gun in over two years now and i think i would probably be freaked out at this point.

last time i was in vermont, i went to the bagel shop for breakfast and was really freaked out when i realized people around me had handguns tucked in the backs of their pants.
i think thats when i realised how uneasy that reality made me.
i have not shot one since that weekend.

i am glad canada seems to have better laws about this. or at least canadians seems to have less interest on carrying them around.

guns are scary, maybe thats why i had fun shooting them? if that makes sense.

anyways, more interesting post later. oh and i added my etsy favorites in the side bar there.