Sunday, February 15, 2009

valentines day

I thought i would spend yesterday in bed.being sad about being alone on vday.
instead i had an amazing day.

went to meet up with evan and matt around 4 at cagibi. had some tea there and good talks.
we walked for like 1h30 because we wanted to go see my bloody valentine in 3D but it was 15$ so we decided to just go back to evans and drink a bit.

his roomates were there and a few others dropped by. we made our way to see barn burner which was AMAZING as always. they might be my favorite out of all the bands my friends are in. anyways it was sweet. then we went to bifteck for a while, till it closed.

then nick, taylor, cody and i went to the van and listened to sweet songs and sang along till 6 am.

i am exhausted and hung over but it was so worth it.

i love days when you dont know whats going to happen and dont expect much and then they turn out being amazing.

stef, i wish you were there with tay. miss youuuu

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