Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Summer 09 please be mine.

ive been in such a weird headspace since my break up and everyday life is somewhat of a rollercoaster. adjusting may take some time i guess.

i am more excited for warm weather than i have been in years i think. i am oh so looking forward to my long weekend in vegas with my two favorite boys.

all i can think of these days is a cute blue bike with a nice basket. pictchers of sangria galore and so many hangouts. the adventures of summer make everything so fun and new and i cant wait to see what it will bring.

I havent been too much of a bummer so far in 09 considering the recent events and i plan on sticking to that attitude.

oh happy days come soon.

i just want to take a million pictures and make a million stories.

monday is a new week witha new contract and new money and new goals.
i am eager and hopefull.

thats all for now.

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Elisabeth said...

i see so many nacho platters and pitchers of sangria in our future. SO many.