Thursday, February 26, 2009


i was arguing last night with someone about having super powers which meant i wouldnt catch the death cold that has been going around. I am realizing now, my powers may fail me. i am downing vitamin C as best i can but now im a little scared it might creep up on me. hopefully it waits till after the weekend. and then i can just miss work and none of the weekend fun.

i am waiting for that necklace to come in the mail. i cant wait. i am so tempted to shop more but since i dont know when my boss will give me my long weekend so i can visit davis and troy id rather keep the little funds i have till then.

everytime the door opens this afternoon i half expect its for me.

half promised work visits are frustrating haha.

gosh i need sleep.

anyways. heres another picture to end the post.


Meaghan Kelly said...

i can only assume the "half promised work visits" comment is directed at i'm sorry.
i had a lot of school work and didn't realize you had taken it as a half promise.

isa said...

oh dear lady! that was not directed at you at all haha. sorry if it made you feel bad or whatever but it wasnt. i didnt think we had really made plans!

glad you are doing all your work stuff.

you can just visit me whenever unexpectedly and then its just even better for everyone haha

cant wait to see you tonight xoxo