Tuesday, January 27, 2009


ok so because ive been so bad at updating everytime i go to write something i get overwhelmed so this will be a decent recap so i can get this updated more often. i swearrr.

things that happened.

-became single
-started working at the old job again.
-went out so much
-hung out tons with troy and dee and gian
-had an awesome feast at gians prepared by tracy and rachel from the carolinas . delish southerness. fried chicken. mashed patatoes. mac & cheese. collored greens. brocoli casserole.
-luau at erins.
-went to my first strip club ever - awkward as hell! i got a dance. i didnt know what to do.
-so many dinners with the roomate which is great.
-FBGM tattoo.
-friends friends friends.
-drinking so much.
-barely sleeping.

life is pretty ok.
some days its weird being without seb but i think it was the right decision

cant wait to start kick boxing as well.

although i think i am getting sick which is less fun. oh well.

ive been terrible at taking pictures but ill post some soon

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rachelg said...

score, i love getting shout outs, how bout you come visit us in the carolinas then we all go to vegasss together? sound good?? misss you!