Sunday, January 11, 2009

ok ok ok 2009 here i come.

the holidays pretty much ruled/ruined life but now its back to a semi normal pace of living.
i have a few resolutions. all pretty realistic ones which i cannot wait to hold on to.

i got the burberry earmuffs from seb that i have been wanting forever but always found RIDICULOUSLY expensive. probably the most frivolous thing he has ever spent money on as well haha.

i am excited to see what this year has in store.
i just got an IM from an old friend that i never though i would get to talk to again and i have to say its made me really happy. i think 2009 might be a good year after all.

my brothers wearing the sweaters i got them for xmas.

my dad, not so stoked on the socks my brother got him as a joke

and me and sarah on new years eve.

thats all for now.
oh and all you guys that go to concordia, i work like RIGHT there nowadays so lets meet up .

miss a lot of you.


margaux said...

isabel!! i just found your blog from the treat team followers! how are you girl? :)

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