Thursday, December 11, 2008


so i am back to being unemployed. so far it feels amazing to sleep in and relax. kinda.

on monday i worked the elections to make some extra christmas money.
tuesday i went to olivia's and we baked cookies and watched tons of buffy.
wednesday i went for dimsum with my cousin maude and her friend, then wandered downtown till meaghan got off work. went to her place, she made us hot chocolate because she is a doll, then i went to my old work to get my laptop, then i went to my dads for dinner and came home.

so i havent done that much sitting around, aside from right now while i am on hold with stupid FIDO customer service about the iphone i should have gotten a few days ago, that aparantly hasnt even been sent out yet. hate companies!!

anyways, more buffy watching now and some cleaning. my life is super awesomeeee


Anonymous said...

yay lets be jobless together

maicher said...

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