Thursday, November 27, 2008

what i meant to say.

on my way to work i had something i wanted to write here butthat video threw me off track.

Last night was the wrap party for the end of the tv show and it was open bar. my stomach hates me and i have a bad case of the fear ( for those of you who have never been around nick ball, this is basically a shitty hangover where you are a little paranoid and feel all icky and shaky and such)

anyways, i was aloud to come in an hour late today so everything was different. i walked through the market and instead of only seeing a few people getting there vegetable stands ready, all teh stands were open and the stores too it wasnt the same feel at all. and then on the subway a little story popped into my head.

you know how some people are more affectionate than others. some dont like to be touched. others constantly need it. Imagine someone thats never really gotten much closeness with the people around him. like his parents were the hugging type and none of his friends are perticularly affectionate and this person doesnt know how to approach others much. what if this person purposely rides the subway at rush hour. to feel some closeness with others. to feel strangers warmth. he can huff and puff about being a little clostrophobic to his fellow travellers but in his heart of hearts he rejoices when the subway is packed or someones hand brushes against his on a railing.

can you imagine? never getting or giving hugs? id say im a touchy person, and i love when my friends are affectionate back. its so important to feel closeness. i hate when people i dont know or dont like touches me but i guess everyone has different boundaries.

anyways i had a full on movie in my head about this person. it made me happy and sad. i just imagined his grumpy face in the crowd and then like in movies when they show you whats under clothes and stuff you saw his little heart beat with excitement and you started to notice that his eyes were smiling and his mouth was so tightly closed only to contain himself.

anyways this is a weird post.

being hung over at work is no fun. i dont understand how people do this ever.

oh and my contract got extended by a week. an extra pay check is always welcome!!

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