Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I got a parisian post card from meaghan last night! made my day.

also i am in love with this girl posted on the sartorialists website.


left hand endeavor said...



pretty skirt i like her.

Anonymous said...

i know this might sound a bit upsetting but i have a question that i've been dying to ask you ever since i've found out that you were living in montreal.
first of all, just wanted to mention that i've been reading you for a while.
i've found your blog while i was randomly googling a photographer (i think?) that you had linked here and i've been an avid reader of yours since then.
i am going to be in montreal around christmas, and i have decided to get tattooed once i'm there.
my grandma was born in your city, where she met my grandfather, before moving here in edmonton where i live, and one of the fondest memories i have of my granny was our trip in montreal two years ago, just the two of us.
she passed away 6 days after we got back home, and i think it is time for me to go back, revisit the places where she took me along, and get a memorial tattoo that reminds me of her.
montreal is very significant to me nw, and i really want to have it done there.
i have seen your tats on pictures, they are wonderful, and i would like to get an old school vibe to mine, quite like yours.
is there any way you could give me the name and phone number or website/email address of your montreal-based tattoo artist?
i know how possessive people sometimes get about their said tattoo artist, so i would understand if you would mind sharing.
i hope this request doesn't scare you away.
keep doing such a great job with your blog, you entertain me daily even on the other side of the country!
have an amazing day, girl.

isa said...

hey you anonymous reader. I'm sorry to hear about your loss, especially since it seems you were close.

My main tattoo artist is ollie and he technically works at Tatouage royal (1387 mt royal east 514509-2905)but hes out of town a lot , theres a girl that works there too and her name is cat she is really good as well. or else i would recomend Arnaud at imago on prince arthur (514 350 0015)

call both places in advance especially if you would like it to get drawn up before depending on what you are getting.

im flattered that you asked and i never mind sharing, i send everyone to ollie and cat. haha

i hope you get everything you want out of your trip here. im a huge sucker for my grandparents and am planning on getting my grandmothers family crest tattooed, with stuff around it for my grandpa. so i really hope the tattoo turns out wonderfully. please let me know? or even show me, if its not too personal.
montreal is great around christmas time , with all the lights and the snow. hope you enjoy your trip.