Monday, November 24, 2008


Make Carole Lepalme Accountable for Animal Cruelty

http://www. thepetitionsite. com/1/make-carole-lepalme-accountable-for-animal-cruelty

Carole Lepalme, a Quebec puppy mill owner should be made legally accountable for breaking the law, under animal cruelty.

*** In September 2008, Ms. Lepalme had 157 dogs removed from her care by the Montreal SPCA on the grounds of animal cruelty. All 157 dogs took residence in one house where they were packed in crates, dog runs and wire cages. They were found extremely malnourished, dehydrated, over bred, infested with worms, untreated open wounds on their bodies and some were even found dead on site.

We have started this petition because Carole Lapalme, the puppy mill owner, will be back in criminal court December 17th, 2008 in Montreal and is pleading not guilty to animal cruelty. Carole Lepalme is requesting that the dogs be returned to her. Something has to be done to stop these dogs from being put back under the care of this person. Quebec is known as the animal cruelty capital of North America, and is the home of over 2000 puppy mills. You can make a difference, do not let these helpless animals return to a desolate life without care, food, space, companionship or freedom.

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