Wednesday, November 26, 2008


last night sarah had her 3rd session for her back tattoo. it was a three hour session. and its look so amazing. theres only about an hour left of work. i got to meet ollies new gf which was nice. i fully forgot to photo document all this. Dom (the owner of tatouage royal) showed up and we had some apple cider and then some wine. i ate some dimsum and fed sarah treats while she suffered.

also at work yesterday the two girls i basically work for gave me a MAC cosmestics gift card as a thank you.

tonight i am taking my mom out for some idian food for her bday which was saturday. and then its the Wrap party for the end of this tv show. open bar. haha

i am very stressed though. going jobless for the hollidays is no fun. going to have to get extra crafty with my presents.

now that you have read all this i will leave you with some pretty pictures saved in my "pretty interiors and things" folder because no one reads the "text only" posts haha.

i think most of these come from the marie claire maison site but i may be wrong. sorry.

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