Wednesday, November 12, 2008

inspiring people.

an old friend of mine has always been on my ass about taking classes and aquiring a skill that would permit us to collaborate.

He is a Fashion photographer and was always trying to get me to be a makeup artist.
He is also a jewelry creator and used to ask me to design with him.
now if i get my sewing situation together, he would likeus to collaborate with his company Faith & fortune because he wants to use fabric as well.

its really great to have someone like that convinced you can do great and always wanting to work with you.

last night i had dinner with my friend miriam, who also makes jewlery. she has yet to really make her own collection and always does custom orders or has designed for renowned jewlery makers.

our plan is to motivate each other and have some creating days.
its always more inspiring to be around others that are as well.
she is an amazing artist and i want her to paint more and make more things.

anyways, i found sewing classes i can take on weekends. i am going this weekend so i can actually learn more technique and stop winging it and not being happy with the finishing touches.

i have been sketching a ton for the past two days.

life is good, thats what im getting at .

pretty pictures to look at and day dream.

- by jean francois verganti

- by denise grunstein

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