Tuesday, October 14, 2008


though i am feeling a little under the weather, i just received a wonderful package in the mail filled with gorgeous fabrics for some Dear Allison stock

( i know I'm like a month late actually launching the etsy shop.. its created just empty)

i wish i had photoshop skills to make a cute banner. oh and a better camera haha

i also want to start documenting outfits since that seems to be what most of the bloggers i follow do.
and its a good reason to take that extra time in the morning and be happy about my outfit all day long.

thursday i am for sure getting a memory card for my camera so thats a start!

oh and i just bought this card from hidden eloise on etsy.

i am addicted to the shop and basically to her.


Eloise said...

hello sweetheart :))
SO nice to hear you like my little shop :)
Thank you so much for sharing your precious moments with us!

many hugs your way!!
Eloise xxx

Jami said...

Lucky girl.. such beautiful illustrations, I too have now become addicted to her shop lol. You both have just been added to my favorites.
Thanks for your comment on my blog :) I just started blogging & am about to start selling on etsy so I get very excited and happy to see some1 is reading haha.