Friday, October 31, 2008

weird dreams

i had such a real and odd dream last night. like the ones you wake up from but still feel what was happening in the dream.

essentially i was at some huge party with a bunch of people and there was this like guy responsible for the alcohol intake of girls. if he thought you had drank to much you had to pass the breathelizer test.

i was wearing ridiculously high heels for some reason and tripped and the dude was convinced i was drunk even though i really didn't feel like i was in my dream.

so i was just waiting for the dude to pass the test when a guy convinced him not to and it was "cappie" from the tv show greek. like it was the dude that plays him, but his character and we ended up hanging all night and being giddy and whatever. and falling asleep on the couch.

and then i woke up.
feeling like i had a new crush. like the weird nervous excitement you get when liking a new boy and not knowing what the deal is. and that feeling is still there and it makes no sense because cappie isnt a real person. hahaha

i dont like ittttt

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taxitalk said...

gotta love the dream for the dream to be real, isen't the dream real