Thursday, October 2, 2008


I just got of the phone with a delightful girl working for Matchstick

i was told i am getting an awesome gift! a bottle of gwen stefani's Harajuku lovers perfume.

i cannot wait to try it!

apparently there will be other treats accompanying this.

i will have to take pictures and show you when it gets here.

probably smells amazing and the bottles are so cute.

i love getting treats in the mail!!

yay, this pretty much made my day hahaha

Now back to watching project runway and dreaming of making my own clothing line.


Stefanie said...

WHATS matchstick and why are they sending you free treats? how do i get in on this.

isa said...

stef, im getting some samples to give my friends too. so you will get to try the perfume as well :)

Stefanie said...