Tuesday, October 7, 2008

today is better

i was in a terrible mood yesterday and couldnt finish any of my posts so here is a happy one.

i got my harajuku girls pack in the mail yesterday!!!
im wearing the little angel one. i have to see if i get good comments about it.

it reminds me of a perfume i used to wear forever ago, but my memory may be all mixed up. i feel like it smells like the Lucky perfume haha i dunno.

i already gave out some samples at my work and everyone was happy about that.

The pouch i got with the perfumes is SO cute. i probably would have bought it as a makeup bag had i seen it in the store.

as far as all the other perfumes go, the lil angel and G are my favorites.

you guys will just have to try the samples for yourself.

here are some picturesss

you cant really see the last picture well, but they are mini bottles of all the perfumes ( minus the cool bottle haha)

once i give you guys some samples, do me a small favor please and do this 2 minute survey??
i also have some cards to give you worth 1500 optimum points that you would get if you end up buying a frangrance at the pharmacie!!

here is the link to the survey : http://www.surveymonkey.com/s.aspx?sm=AKExmizGfIj_2fFjBIV6lqDw_3d_3d


left hand endeavor said...


Stefanie said...

I did the survey! I already smelled G at the store and LOVED IT can i have a sample of it?!

isa said...

yes you definitly can pretty lady

Anonymous said...

how did you get all that stuff?