Wednesday, October 8, 2008


last night i went for a massage. a special kind!

Kinesitherapy (without oil): this technique brings together all of the biomechanical knowledge we have of the human body. Through different manoeuvres, such as stretching and muscular and joint mobilization, this massage helps the body to recapture or maintain its maximum range of movement

I learned a lot from the guy last night, mostly that i am broken pretty like an old lady and have to be very careful from now on with my hips and back. i cant sit with my legs crossed anymore and i have to do some stretches and excercises everyday. blah.

on another note, i absolutely need to buy a memory card for my cam, i wanted to show a dear allison clip but all i have is this shitty webcam...

its cotton candy pink with a black floral lace overtop. its pretty. i made two so i could have my own.


left hand endeavor said...

cretive outlet here you come

Victoria said...

not sure how i found your blog but i think you might find these cute:

olivia said...

you made this? so cute!