Thursday, September 25, 2008


so my contract has been extended to at least november 7th.

yay. which leaves more time for another project to go into production and for me to get hired by it haha.

i'm all sorts of stressed today regarding my online classes. because i am the head in the clouds girl that i am, i have managed to get 3 weeks behind in Two classes that require about 16h/week of reading and work. and i have quizes and essays due in october.

i also think i have another stomach ulcer. yay

but anyways fall is amazing. i need more scarves.

things i look forward to:

Dear Allison
Apple Picking
Hockey games and chicken wings
fondue nights
needle point in stef and megs new sunroom.
apple pie
hot apple cider
egg nog lattes
how better and better i feel in my apartment
cozy times with seb
making more plans with people i like but dont see enough of.
more time with my friends.
knowing what i will probably get seb for christmas already haha.

i wish it didnt have to end.

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