Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Friday i was dying of exhaustion and thought id be lethargic all weekend. boy i was wrong.

friday night seb and i went for a late dinner at lemeac with a bunch of friends. mmm delish tartar.

saturday seb and i headed out early to a campsite near magog. pitched our tent and hoped on our bikes. there was a bike path running through the park that ran all the way into town ( 10 km) which was a super nice ride. the town is cute and touristy. we sat on a terasse ininitially only going for a beer. and then ate some amazing food. it was a microbrasserie and seb tried the 7 beers they make. we ate this amazing fondue. Emental, gruyere, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and 7 peppers. i could have eaten three. then we had to bike the 10km back to the camping which was a little harder with the booze and food sitting in my tummy. also my back wheel was suddenly a little crooked. made a campfire and had some marshmellows. went to bed pretty early.  got up early as well because i had plans early in the city with meaghan and stef. so i made seb go to the pool at like 9 haha and rushed him so we would be in the city at a reasonable hour.

when i got home i ended up baking and drinking and when louis got up and saw me he immediatly asked why i was in a bad mood. seems i always bake or drink or do both when i am very upset. so i baked 5 dozens of cookies. they are really good. i had a one tree hill marathon and it ruled. sowed tons. overall had a productive afternoon. went to bed early cause i had a big day ahead of me. 
monday seb and i went to mile end for some lattes and bagels. we had our bikes in the car because we had a day of biking and pic nicking planned. my dad called while we were biking to the old port and he came to meet us. we ended up biking to ile notre dame and doing the jacques villeneuve racing track and sitting around in the shade and stuff. we did about 25 km in all . seb got a flat tire so my dad biked to sebs van and brought it to get us haha. still had a super fun day. later on my dads gf made us all dinner and it was a feast. i got to see my little brother that now has muscles and is turning into a total 17 yr old babe.

what a great weekend. i wish i wasnt at work. or that i at least hadnt forgotten my headphones and was watching the new gossip girl episode right now. boo.

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