Thursday, September 11, 2008

i had a pretty shitty winter last year with the whole breaking up with nessy story and the new apartment situation to adjust to and seb working like 80 hour weeks and all. but its awesome to see how things have gone uphill from there. i mean there are clearly still things that could be improved in my life but i really feel like i have rid myself of a crushing weight that stopped me from getting my shit together.  I only have awesome people around me and for the most part have been drama free ( minus the ulcer caused by my roomates breakup) but anyways. all i want to say is that i am super greatfull for how my life is now. even if i still get whan whan sometimes i can assure you that it is at least 75% less often than in the past years. 

i didnt get to have dinner with meaghan last night but instead i got to sow which was still fun. and now to make up for it she is coming for lunch on friday so we can have a picnic. which may be even more fun haha.

i am FINALLY, ACTUALLY, getting my computer back this weekend. and will be able to upload pictures on the regular. ( Pat you will now actually pay attention to my blog) 

im excited for the party in my honor being thrown soon haha and i cant wait. 
i may even have another contract lined up for after this one. not holding my breath but it would definitly be nice. 

anyways. im also starting to do my nails again this friday because its seriously depressing not to even though this is a total luxery, i deserve it and will indulge in it. 


left hand endeavor said...

bday party ! balloooooon!

Stefanie said...

I cant wait for the bday party!
Also, you must upload the cute girly pics from our night out please its looking at things like that that keep me going sans boyfriend