Tuesday, September 30, 2008

hot picture.

worship worthy
now has a clothing line..

Monday, September 29, 2008

oh hey, its monday.

spent pretty much the whole weekend with stef. and it was awesome.

looking forward to a few fun things coming up and the fall weather is keeping a smile on my face.

thats all i have to say for now haha

Friday, September 26, 2008

2 things

1- haven't been sleeping well = Intense dark circles

2- um i may be super late on this but thanks to the kingdom of style blog i just fell in love with a designer. Charles Anastase

wow wow wow

the pics are from the blog post on kingdom of style. i've seen the designers stuff before but i guess that this perticular collection made me fall in love.

diner with davis tonight then gunna go see stef and probably meaghan!

Thursday, September 25, 2008


so my contract has been extended to at least november 7th.

yay. which leaves more time for another project to go into production and for me to get hired by it haha.

i'm all sorts of stressed today regarding my online classes. because i am the head in the clouds girl that i am, i have managed to get 3 weeks behind in Two classes that require about 16h/week of reading and work. and i have quizes and essays due in october.

i also think i have another stomach ulcer. yay

but anyways fall is amazing. i need more scarves.

things i look forward to:

Dear Allison
Apple Picking
Hockey games and chicken wings
fondue nights
needle point in stef and megs new sunroom.
apple pie
hot apple cider
egg nog lattes
how better and better i feel in my apartment
cozy times with seb
making more plans with people i like but dont see enough of.
more time with my friends.
knowing what i will probably get seb for christmas already haha.

i wish it didnt have to end.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

type writer needed.

if you have one gathering dust somewhere that works please let me know.


what an emotional weekend.

all better now.

time to get on with life.

Last night i made a few dear allison items and then went for a drink with my bf seb and his bff seb. (confusing, i know.) had some gross shots and now my tummy hates me.

i have been watching dexter at work. its pretty sweet.
i need to get my shit together for "school" i have a quiz soon and i havent looked at ANY course content. online schooling is hard for excellent procrastinators such as myself.

lunch with olivia, dinner with libby. a friend filled day. yay for me.

i need to buy a stupid memory card for the camera seb gave me. whan whan and find a way to upload the pics from my old one so stef will be happyyy.

thats all for now.

Friday, September 19, 2008

omg omg omg.

this week could not have had a better weekend.

I got the hide and seek prints in the mail. in gorgeous packaging with an amazing letter and some cute extra treats in there. i am SO happy. so i obvs took pics to show you guys!



Coming 29/09/2008

and i couldnt be more excited!!!

more details and sneak peeks to come...

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Fine Frenzy - Almost Lover

im in love with her and her gorgeous voice.

like actual love maybe.

wow wow wow

amazing birthday this year and i have a feeling with saturday coming it maybe be my best birthday yet!!!
During the day my two like immediate bosses gave me two sweet presents. some yummy smelling handcream:

and some mangoe flavored green tea leaves:

and i am SO looking forward to saturday with all my lady friends. what a treat.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

today so far!

yay yay already so many birthday wishes.

mah friends are great.

first treat to myself of the day :

fancy latte.

( i just discovered the webcam on my laptop takes pictures.. shitty ones but pictures none the less..)



i really wanted to show you guys what my dad built me in my room. its basically a corner bookshelf but in the corner agaisnt the shorter side theres also like a bench where i can sit and read. he is so cute.

and he bought me a new LCD screen like a tv kinda so i dont have to use that gigantic 20 yr old one in my room that looked stupid.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


thanks to neil/facebook i stumbled upon this disgusting article regarding abortion rights and that stupid palin woman.

everyone that knows me well, knows where i stand on abortion and this has nothing to do with how horrifying this is since i personally dont think i would ever get one especially now that i am 23 and have a decent job and what not ( unless of course terrible things happened.. knock on wood)

but this is just wrong as far as personal choices go. ugh just read it.

more bday presents to myself.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Come on, come out
The weather is warm
Come on, come out
Said come on, come on

A spot in the shade
Where oranges fall
A spot in the shade
Away from it all

Watching the sky
Watching a painting coming to life
Shifting and shaping
Staying inside
It all goes it all goes by

A blanket unfolds
A blanket tonight
The pieces of gold
They light up your eyes
Now we're alone
Now we're alive

Watching the sky
Watching the painting come to life
Shifting and shaping
Staying inside
It all goes it all goes it all goes by

Stopping the time
Rushing, waiting
Leave it behind
Shifting and shaping
Keep it inside
It all goes it all goes it all goes by
It all goes passing by
It all goes passing by

Thursday, September 11, 2008

my birthday presents to myself.

i just bought myself three prints on etsy for my bday. i have been drooling over them for a while and just gave in. i bought three bebe sized ones (5x7) and they are going to look so good in my roooom.

i had a pretty shitty winter last year with the whole breaking up with nessy story and the new apartment situation to adjust to and seb working like 80 hour weeks and all. but its awesome to see how things have gone uphill from there. i mean there are clearly still things that could be improved in my life but i really feel like i have rid myself of a crushing weight that stopped me from getting my shit together.  I only have awesome people around me and for the most part have been drama free ( minus the ulcer caused by my roomates breakup) but anyways. all i want to say is that i am super greatfull for how my life is now. even if i still get whan whan sometimes i can assure you that it is at least 75% less often than in the past years. 

i didnt get to have dinner with meaghan last night but instead i got to sow which was still fun. and now to make up for it she is coming for lunch on friday so we can have a picnic. which may be even more fun haha.

i am FINALLY, ACTUALLY, getting my computer back this weekend. and will be able to upload pictures on the regular. ( Pat you will now actually pay attention to my blog) 

im excited for the party in my honor being thrown soon haha and i cant wait. 
i may even have another contract lined up for after this one. not holding my breath but it would definitly be nice. 

anyways. im also starting to do my nails again this friday because its seriously depressing not to even though this is a total luxery, i deserve it and will indulge in it. 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

libby's flickr


awesome dinner like AGES ago with libby. can we make that again? SO GOOD.

things to come early this fall

-camping for some pre-bday celebrations.
-my birthday.
-cooler weather.
-awesome things from ebay.
-getting my computer back.
-more sewing.
-guaranteed work till oct 17th.
-flea market trips.
-helping meg and stef set up the new place.
-fall baked goods.
-delish fall meals.

oh fall. how i love thee.

oh and i made a skirt last night and two awesome headbands with giant bows.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

its official

im a university student!!!! well, an online university student but STILLL

i was thinking about getting a second job but i dont think i can. i haveabout 16hrs im supposed to spend on the workload for school so.. that wont work. oh well.

im excited.

a few things

i think some hardcore kids started a mixed salad company somewhere in california because the kind i bought yesterday is from a company called EPIC and the mix i got is called mache mix but it said it small that it was pronounce MOSH.... it was literally just a mesclun mix but anywayssss.

also an old -ish man that works on the tv show asked me if i changed my tattoos every weekend. i thought he was trying to be funny so i was all like har har har. but he was serious and had to explain that they were permanent. he also thinks im a punk that goes to punk shows and wears like doc martins when im not at work.

i also had to show him how to copy/paste on his computer. 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


i just made my first purchase ever on ebay. im excited and nervous for some reason. 
I want it nowwwwww



Friday i was dying of exhaustion and thought id be lethargic all weekend. boy i was wrong.

friday night seb and i went for a late dinner at lemeac with a bunch of friends. mmm delish tartar.

saturday seb and i headed out early to a campsite near magog. pitched our tent and hoped on our bikes. there was a bike path running through the park that ran all the way into town ( 10 km) which was a super nice ride. the town is cute and touristy. we sat on a terasse ininitially only going for a beer. and then ate some amazing food. it was a microbrasserie and seb tried the 7 beers they make. we ate this amazing fondue. Emental, gruyere, pesto, sun dried tomatoes and 7 peppers. i could have eaten three. then we had to bike the 10km back to the camping which was a little harder with the booze and food sitting in my tummy. also my back wheel was suddenly a little crooked. made a campfire and had some marshmellows. went to bed pretty early.  got up early as well because i had plans early in the city with meaghan and stef. so i made seb go to the pool at like 9 haha and rushed him so we would be in the city at a reasonable hour.

when i got home i ended up baking and drinking and when louis got up and saw me he immediatly asked why i was in a bad mood. seems i always bake or drink or do both when i am very upset. so i baked 5 dozens of cookies. they are really good. i had a one tree hill marathon and it ruled. sowed tons. overall had a productive afternoon. went to bed early cause i had a big day ahead of me. 
monday seb and i went to mile end for some lattes and bagels. we had our bikes in the car because we had a day of biking and pic nicking planned. my dad called while we were biking to the old port and he came to meet us. we ended up biking to ile notre dame and doing the jacques villeneuve racing track and sitting around in the shade and stuff. we did about 25 km in all . seb got a flat tire so my dad biked to sebs van and brought it to get us haha. still had a super fun day. later on my dads gf made us all dinner and it was a feast. i got to see my little brother that now has muscles and is turning into a total 17 yr old babe.

what a great weekend. i wish i wasnt at work. or that i at least hadnt forgotten my headphones and was watching the new gossip girl episode right now. boo.