Thursday, August 21, 2008

yesterdays evening.

last night i walked to sebs to pick up my bike and headed down to cagibi ( was esperanza) in mile end to meet up with the always gorgeous meaghan. we sipped some tea and ate some chocolate banana cake and talked and laughed and it made me happy. then we walked to my house so she could see my new rooms. ( soooo messy, sowwayyy) and we talked some more and made some plans. and well life is just so fun. 

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left hand endeavor said...

you are the one who is always gorgeous. i literally love those little earrings so much i think i will probably post a blog devoted entirely to them as soon as i can get a pic of them :)

also, all of our plans are fun and wonderful so we should really work hard to make them happen so we are always this happy!!

lemongrass tisane is the shit.