Wednesday, August 27, 2008

stuff id like to find at the flea market.

meaghan and i are probably going to the flea market sunday. 

ive made a short list of things i want to find/know they might have.

  • Buttons.
  • brooches.
  • fabric scraps? ( that I'm not sure they have) 
  • frames.
  • cookie tins.
  • jars.
  • and any other cute item my little heart might like.


left hand endeavor said...

probably?!!?!?!? we're there! stef wants in too i think!
flea market day! fondue dinner! fear and loathing at night!

its a triple F day!

femmes forever fweetfweet! (the last one was the sound of a whistle!)

Stefanie said...

i totally got that fweeet fweeeet I LOVE ITTT omgggg im so there