Friday, August 8, 2008

song im addicted to.

"I Was Out Of Your League,  And You Were Twenty Thousand Underneath The Sea, Waving Affections.  You Were Out Of My League, At A Distance That I Didn't Want To See.  
I Wanted A Junction And Often There Was One.  You'd Surface Face First And We'd Share Thought Bubbles.  I Still Believe In The Phrases That We Breathed, But I Know The Distance Isn't Fair To Cross.
Your Depths Made A Pressure That Punctured My Works, And All Your Fluids Couldn't Tolerate The Force Of My Thirst.  I Loved The Place Where We Shared Our Tiny Grace, But Just Because It's Real Doesn't Mean It's Going To Work.
True Affection Floats.  True Affection Sinks Like A Stone.  I Never Felt So Close.  I Never Felt So All Alone."

i listened to the other songs on their myspace and wasnt too impressed. sad. but this song is gooood. thanks meg.

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left hand endeavor said...

annabelle jones = cutest ever in that vid.